Market intelligence and search startup My Telescope reported on PR Newswire today that new data highlighting the most searched Emmy-nominated TV shows by state came out.

Things have switched around.  About a month ago "Better call Saul" was in the lead for people watching it all across the nation, even here in Massachusetts we had it as the number one show followed by "Ted Lasso" in second, and in third was "What we do in the shadows".

Now things are changing up a week out before the awards, premiering on September 12, vampire comedy "What We Do In The Shadows" has emerged as the most searched-for comedy in the last month, leading in 39 out of 50 states. FYI, Massachusetts is one of those 39 states.

If you were thinking this is a twilight sappy kind of movie think again. If you have not seen this show which is so funny, it is definitely a comedy for adults due to its content. It is the story of four vampires who live on Staten Island in our modern times 2022. You can catch the series on HULU or on FX or even on youtube.

cinema chronicles/youtube

cinema chronicles/youtube

The idea for this series comes from a movie by the same name "What we do in the shadows" which you can find on one of the movie channels or on demand. They call the movie a vampire mockumentary.

The man behind the idea for the movie and series is half of the New Zealand "folk comedy" duo Flight of the Conchords, and the mind behind what we do in the shadows is Jemaine Clement.

Flight of the Conchords went on to have international success including tours, radio shows, and TV spots, culminating in the well-received series Flight of the Conchords 2007.

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