A woman was overjoyed with the results of her Las Vegas wedding at Taco Bell.

Christina Ortiz and her husband, Yazen, wed on Dec. 16 in Vegas. She got the idea after seeing photos online of the Taco Bell Cantina wedding.

The package offers swag, a reception area, a Taco Bell sauce packet bouquet and more, and only cost $777.

"We were originally going to have a more formal wedding in our hometown and put a nonrefundable deposit on a venue and everything. But after seeing how much everything was going to cost —catering, florals, open bar, etc. — we decided, 'Why not do the Taco Bell Wedding?'" the bride told People.

"As a food blogger myself, and a couple of foodies who appreciate everything from fine dining to fast food, it just seemed like a no-brainer once we thought about it," she said, noting that their friends were a little confused at first by their choice of venue.

"Our families were supportive but they definitely thought it was unconventional and were definitely trying to sway us in a different direction but we knew this was 100% what we wanted," she recalled. "After the fact, all of the family members actually loved it and realized that for us as a couple it was definitely our perfect wedding."

"We were just envisioning a fun, memorable day with a lot of love," she continues. "We had some close family members show up and we livestreamed it for the family and friends who were unable to make it. And it ended up being the perfect small intimate wedding."

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The happy couple even had a Baja Blast toast to celebrate the occasion.

"The Taco Bell wedding package also comes with a Cinnabon Delights cake and it was delicious," she gushed to the outlet. "It was packed with a cream cheese frosting that was a similar flavor to the filling inside the Cinnabon Delights and the cake itself was topped with a Cinnabon Delight border so it was almost like two desserts in one!"

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