Well, it's officially "cuffing season," the time of year where more single people will tend to find someone and settle in with them at least through the holidays.

Usually, these relationships fade out after the holidays. Most of us don't know why these relationships don't make it through to Valentine's Day.

Cuffing season relationships tend to be that of convenience. What I'm interested in finding out is why these relationships tend to just fizzle away.

I came across this article online that rates the "best boyfriends" according to their astrology sign. I'm not saying this is the end all, be all and not all boys are the same, but I can tell you that it was spot-on with what kind of boyfriend I'd be.

Here is the article that lists "boyfriends" from best to worst.

It appears the best boyfriend would be a Scorpio. The article says these guys as very deep and can be complicated, but they have charisma and charm. If you find a man that's a Scorpio in cuffing season and they fall for you, they can have limitless love, dedication, and devotion to the fullest.

So do you know any boys that were born between October 23rd and November 21st?

The article lists where all of the astrology signs fall. If Scorpios are the best, what sign came in last? That would be Pisces.

Pisces can be the most sensitive. They appear to be living in their own world. They have deep feelings and never-ending thinking. They also tend to guard those feelings with all their might and all too often they find partners that bring out the worst qualities in them, such as jealousy and insecurity.

What sign are you? Your chances of finding someone this cuffing season could depend on it.

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