It's been the longest short week ever. So why not an adorable animal photo to bring us into the weekend?

The past few weeks I have been seeing some pretty interesting animal sightings. Mostly coyotes that apparently are in the middle of their breeding season and are out looking for food all day and night. I guess that's pretty common around here now.

One thing I haven't seen many of, except when I went pumpkin picking back in the fall, is goats. I am such a sucker for goats and horses. So when I scrolled through Facebook and saw this adorable goat apparently drinking from a straw, I had to share.

Now I'm not going to lie, I'm disappointed this goat isn't using a metal straw. We need to help save the turtles you know, haha.

I do wonder what this goat got at the Sonic in Somerset. Does Sonic now make animal-friendly beverages? Do goats get to take advantage of the happy hour, too? It's probably just water.

Now I wonder, though. Can goats drink through a straw? Is this little guy part taking in a Sonic milkshake or a slush?

Either way, doesn't this adorable post just make you smile? Just what we all needed to go into this weekend. I hope this brightened up your day like it did mine.

PS: Is it weird that I kind of want a pet goat for my birthday now? Cuteness overload.

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