Before her huge solo career kicked-off, and she was still a vocalist in Fifth Harmony, the group was the opening act at a concert in Phoenix, Arizona.  That's when fate brought her into JR's car.

In the final few months of his time in the Valley of the Sun, JR drove for Uber on weekends and during his days off.  A ride request came from a place called the Comerica Theater.  After accepting the ride, a text came through asking the Uber driver to go to the stage entrance of the venue.  JR showed the security guard his driver ID and was allowed in the small parking lot back stage.

After a couple of minutes, a man and two young women walked out of the door and hoped into JR's car.  Their destination was a hotel just a few blocks away.  In the course of conversation, the man asked JR if he was going to the show.  When JR said he wasn't sure who was playing, the guy introduced himself as the manager of the group Fifth Harmony.  They had just done a sound check, and he and two singers were headed back the the hotel.  The young women in the backseat were Ally and Camilla.

JR mentioned he had been in radio and was a fan of the group's song "Worth It."  That was their current hit at the time.  In no time the car pulled up to the hotel.  The manager shook JR's hand, Ally and Camilla said goodbye, and they walked into the hotel.  That's the story of the 7 minutes Camilla Cabello spent in JR's car.  Now she is pumping out one hit after another.

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