Even though he's gone, that Boston connection with Isaiah Thomas will never break.

He was the little engine that could. Isaiah Thomas became an improbable star in the Boston backcourt for the Celtics a few years ago. He embraced the blue collar mentality of the city and left his whole soul on the court for the city every single night. Boston loved him and he sure loved Boston back.

Since being traded for Kyrie Irving, his career has been far from the same. He's struggled to get back on the court after a number of injuries. He's definitely not the household name that he was. He surely hasn't been able to capture the same love an adoration in Cleveland, Los Angeles or Denver that he had in Boston. One could argue that the best of his career was those few short years in green.

That's why it's no surprise that as he's back in the city for a game tonight against his old team, he looked to reconnect with some of the Celtic faithful. According to Boston.com, Thomas tweeted out yesterday (on St. Paddy's Day no less):

Any open gyms this evening in Boston? I’ll pull up if there is some good runs!!

After a few people told him it was all going down at Emerson College, Thomas vowed that he'd be there after his team duties with the Nuggets.

Sure enough, he stayed true to his word and played a few pickup games with some Emerson students and even stayed to take pictures with them afterward.

With all the complaining and crying we've had from Kyrie this season, it makes you miss Isaiah a little more. He wasn't perfect, but it was great to have a star that loved the city just as much as the city loved him. Maybe there will be a reunion someday in the future. Maybe there won't be, but either way Boston and Isaiah Thomas will always share a great connection.

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