I have a house that never stays clean or organized. I can't get the kid or dog to do it..I tried. I have a huge plight. Please help!


I am always so busy, being a full time father, student and radio guy. I don't have time to give it the through cleaning and organizing it needs. I'm not saying I'm a slob or don't ever clean, I do, especially with an 11 year old who likes spread her stuff all over my house! I do my dishes twice a day too! I need somebody who specializes in through cleaning and organizing. The best of the best! Everything from organizing my basement, to cleaning my skylights, organizing my kitchen pots and pans, closets, books and everything else I cant or wouldn't even think of right now! I need to be more organized, both of us..the kid and I. Clearly, I will pay for this service, but I need them to be the best and reasonably priced. I don't know of anyone who does this kind of service. Suggestions?