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Bieber fever has been flourishing since 2009 thanks to his boyish charm and melodic harmonies, but is he trading in the microphone for the big screen?

Justin Bieber has been living in the spotlight for the past 11 years, and while he has had his fair share of negative publicity, he has always managed to steal the hearts of millions with hits like “Baby” and “Intentions."

He certainly knows what it takes to make a hit record, but as of late, he’s been popping up in music videos and showing off his acting chops. It makes me wonder if he’s foreshadowing a shift in his career.

Two weeks ago, DJ Khaled released the music video for his new single alongside Drake called “Pop Star," but the main character of the video was the Biebs. He is shown parading around a luxurious house in a Versace outfit, clearly mimicking the outlandish style of DJ Khaled. It’s not surprising to see a singer in a music video, but it was surprising to see Justin take on a role that didn’t require his voice but that required his acting ability.

Then Thursday was the music video release of his new single with Chance the Rapper called “Holy," and the five-minute video is far more than just dancing and singing. He plays a construction worker who is laid off due to the pandemic and relies on his girlfriend, a nurse, for love and support – showing the importance of friends, family, and love. It showed Bieber in a new light. Instead of popping bottles and wearing flashy outfits, he told a story.

I’m liking this new side of Bieber we have been seeing in 2020, and I’ll be curious to see if Justin makes the jump into acting in the near future.

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