The National Hurricane Center has come out with it's list of hurricane names through the year 2024, are you on any of them?

So I googled to see if I have a hurricane name and it turns out I do not.  But I was a bit of a storm at one point.  Tropical Storm Christine was the easternmost forming Atlantic tropical cyclone on record.  Forming as a tropical depression over the country of Guinea on August 25, 1973, the system tracked nearly due west for several days before intensifying into a tropical storm on August 28 and completion wasn't until September 6th.

Then there was Severe Tropical Cyclone Christine which was the third tropical cyclone and the second severe tropical cyclone of the 2013-2014 of the Australian region cyclone season.  It made landfall on Western Australia's coast as a category 4 cyclone on midnight,  December 31st of 2013.

Here are the full lists of future names of hurricanes through 2024 via the National Hurricane Center's website. Are you on any of them and if you are, is this good or bad?

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