Here's an interesting one.  My brother lives in a small town in upstate New York.    There is a Walmart store within a few miles of his home, but any large shopping malls,  Target stores, Kohl's, etc, are many miles away and simply not convenient.  In recent years, he has done some of his shopping online.

This year, his wife has laid down the law.  She will accept no gifts that were purchased for her online.  She told my brother that if there is no trip out in the cold, waiting in line, or fighting the crowds for a gift, then it's doesn't have the Christmas feeling.  She said shopping for Christmas on line is just plain cheating.   Wow.   So with no sacrifice, a gift is not a gift.

My suggestion was for him to but the wrong size of everything for her, so she can have the fun of returning those gifts in person on the day after Christmas.

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