With the thousands of acres of cranberry bogs in our area, and the Ocean Spray World Headquarters in MIddleboro, you might not have to go far for the answer.   Cranberry bread, cranberry muffins, cranberry cheesecake, and cranberry relish are all great, but some will argue that they are nothing like cranberry sauce in a can.  But why?   Here are the top 3 reasons

1) It Tastes Familiar.   It's certainly not a food that will challenge your taste buds.   Take it out of the can, cut it into slices, and roll it around your mouth in between the bites of dry turkey.  

2) You Can Enjoy It Ironically.  It's versatile, and it's fun to eat something that's shaped like a can.   And last but not least: 

3) All The Jiggle Of Jell-O, None Of The Work.  Yes, it jiggles around on the plate like a hunk of Jell-O.  But cranberry sauce in a can is certainly less work than pouring powder into hot water and then putting it all in the fridge for a few hours.

So there you have it.  The choice between homemade or canned cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving is now yours to make.