A bunch of teens goofing around on thin ice at a pond in Central Park whipped out a phone to take a selfie and fell through the ice.

The are so many great places on the Southcoast for pictures and yes, even selfies.  But be very careful where you decide to take the selfie.  New statistics from a study done last year show 127 people have died since 2014 by taking a pictures of themselves.


According to the New York Post, at least seven teenage boys, ages 15 and 16, fell into the pond on Monday evening near 59th Street and Fifth Avenue while attempting to take pictures of themselves, according to FDNY officials.

Witnesses told the Post,  “They were breaking the ice, some were like, ‘No, it’s dangerous’ and [others] were like, ‘No, let’s [walk on the ice].’ So after that, they all got on together and said, ‘Let’s take a selfie.’ But when they all went together, it broke and they all went down.”

All seven boys were rescued safely with a few who experienced hypothermia from the deadly cold water.  This is a reminder that as we experience very cold days and then unseasonably warm days during the month of February, the ice freezes and melts, causing ice on several of the bogs, ponds and lakes to become unsafe for skating and walking on them.  Be cautious!



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