Yes, I'm on your radio every afternoon; however, on some weekends you can also catch me slinging drinks in the friendly skies as a flight attendant. I joke with my friends and family that if I'm not on the air, then I'm in the air.

WARNING: this is a rant directly from a flight attendant.

There is no denying flying around 30,000 feet in the air, around the world, has got to be one of the coolest jobs in the world, and I absolutely enjoy flying around.

With that said, I have seen far too much of the dark side of humanity.

Don’t get me wrong, I think every job has its share of cold-hearted egomaniacs. I mean, have you ever seen a grown man in a suit yell at an 82-year-old woman for walking too slow? Or a middle aged-woman that if you told her you had a million dollars to give her, it just wouldn't be enough to make her happy because "everything is horrible."

Something about the energy and anxiety of flying truly brings out so much hate and negativity in people.

Most travelers get upset over things that no one can control. Yes, that includes weather around the world, not just at the airport you are flying out of. Or mechanical problems that literally no airline can foresee. Think of it as getting a flat tire or your check engine light coming on. The only difference is you're on the ground and can get help or wait a day to two to get your car into the show. Guess what? You can't do that with an airplane.

Yes, there are lots of fees. Just so you know, it isn't cheap for the airline to get 35,000 feet in the air. Think about how much 40,000 gallons of gas would cost you to put in your car.

It costs nothing to smile, nothing to be kind, nothing to be just the tiniest bit considerate.

If there is one thing this job has taught me, is how to handle those that are cold-hearted, stubborn, and downright disrespectful to other human beings. I have pulled myself up out of viewing the world as a dark place full of thoughts that the world was against me. My mind now is full of hope and realizing I’m in charge and I control my happiness. No more negative thoughts or words, and no more allowing those people to affect me. I—no, we—deserve better and deserve happiness.

Ok. Rant over.

Now I'm all ears to hear what you think. Are you someone who loves to fly and gets me? Or do you absolutely HATE flying?

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