It sounds like some privileged person being a crybaby, but who doesn't need a break from their own house right about now? It doesn't matter who you are, working, not working, you have now spent way too much time in your house.

There are only so many times I can walk the Phoenix bike trail in Fairhaven to get out of my house. Let's face it, what's getting most of us by are the thoughts of better days where we get to go to our favorite SouthCoast restaurants or just simply go back to work and sit at our desks with our co-workers. We may be wearing our masks and all, but I'm still looking forward to getting back into the studio for sure.

One thing that the crew I'm in quarantine with keeps saying is how they can't wait to hop on a plane and go on vacation when it's safe to do so. I have friends that already booked a trip to Aruba for late August because it was so cheap.

With most of us out of work right now, the more important thing we are thinking about is how to pay our bills, but you can't say you haven't been given the motivation to get on that dream vacation. Oh come on, it's nice to think about it, right? I have Googled so many different places. I mean, even if it's a drive to Maine. Cabin fever isn't even the word for it.

Have you gone ahead and booked a vacation? Or at least started thinking about how you can save up to go on one? Let's all do our part and social distance and then finally take a vacation from our houses. Who's with me?

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