Google Maps has helped people navigate through life for almost 20 years, from printing out turn-by-turn to directions to evolving into an app on our smartphones. But here is an update that you may have missed.

Google Maps users can now go inside certain buildings thanks to AI -- including at least one well-traveled place on the SouthCoast.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, hosted a keynote address in May to introduce the incredible breakthrough, making the world’s information as universally acceptable as possible.

“Around the world, we’ve mapped around 1.6 billion buildings and over 60 million kilometers of roads to date,” said Pichai. “Using advances in 3D mapping and machine learning, we’re fusing billions of aerial and street-level images ... to power a new experience in Maps called immersive view.

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Immersive view allows users to experience what a neighborhood, landmark restaurant, or popular venue is like before even stepping inside.

“Whether you’re traveling somewhere new or scoping out hidden local gems, immersive view will help you make the most informed decisions before you go,” said Pichai.

It’s perfect for when you want to try a new place but want to know what the vibe is like first. For example, look inside that restaurant you’ve been curious about to see what it’s like before booking a reservation.

Immersive view works on computers and most phones and devices. According to the presentation back in May, immersive view will slowly roll out across the country this year.

It’s not even available in all areas yet, but it looks like Dartmouth Mall is equipped with the technology, thanks to images from 2017. Let's take a walk down memory lane, courtesy of artificial intelligence:

Check it Out: Walk Down Memory Lane at the Dartmouth Mall in 2017

Thanks to artificial intelligence and advances in 3D mapping, Google Maps is slowly rolling out a new feature called immersive view, allowing users to go inside buildings. It looks like Dartmouth Mall is one of the first places in the area to use the new technology, thanks to images from 2017.

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