If you're a sushi lover, you know it can be somewhat pricey...but you'd never guess how much this place costs!It's a restaurant in New York City called Masa, and it's one of the Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the entire WORLD!! I truly cannot even wrap my head around this, but it costs $450 PER PERSON to eat there! It's also a la carte, so you're paying extra for sides, as well as drinks, tax and tip. No surprise though, the reviews of this restaurant are fabulous! It's rated 4.5 stars online and people have written rave reviews about it...telling their stories of spending upwards of $2,000 for a dinner with friends! I just can't fathom paying that price for anything to eat! Not only can I not even afford that, but even if I could, there's no way I'm dropping that kind of cash (or credit) on dinner!

So, how do I know about this place? Well, I have never been, but my husband was in NYC yesterday for work and his company chose this place to take a client for lunch. The client stated that it's a place they frequent a lot (I can't even imagine!!) so they requested to go there.

My husband did tell me that the food was amazing, and they were treated exceptionally well...geez, I'd flippin' hope so for that price!

This place makes the Capital Grille look like McDonald's.

Even still, I'm in amazement that there is a restaurant charging that much for a meal. To give you an idea about how good this place supposedly is, this is a direct quote from my husband: "This place makes the Capital Grille look like McDonald's." Wow, ok, so I guess it's amazing...but I'm STILL not convinced it's worth $450 per person!