It's a question I've never thought to ask before, but someone asked and answered for us all.

With the final season of Game of Thrones fast approaching, the GoT thoughts are running wild.

Like someone actually asked the question, what character would each U.S. state be? And then proceeded to answer that question.

I'm pretty impressed that they not only came up with 50 characters, but then reasoned out why they would be the states that they are.

And I think they may have really nailed it when it comes to both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The folks over at clearly have some time on their hands. And they used it wisely when breaking down every, single state in the nation as a Game of Thrones character.

Major characters like Daenerys of course get a state, but so do the long dead Lysa Arryn and barely there Benjen Stark.

And the results are pretty good.

In fact, Massachusetts is really good.

They paired MA with Jon Snow (awesome!). Reasoning that Mass is historically patriotic and Jon Snow is very patriotic. Plus Jon leads a rebellion in the North as Boston Tea Partiers and other famous Bostonians rebelled before.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Jon Snow Poster April

As for Rhode Island, they call the nation's smallest state Samwell Tarly. Arguing that they both have their size to overcome with people and they both have hidden depths.

They note Sam's care for the world around him and Rhode Island's distinction as the state with the lowest energy consumption per capita as well.

I like that the makers of this list really thought it out and had pretty good arguments to back up their pairings.

I just wish they had bothered to list the states alphabetically on their site.

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