You may not need to take a trip to the Cape to enjoy all that the Lobster Pot has to offer.

The iconic Provincetown restaurant is taking some time in the off season to explore franchising opportunities across the Northeast.

Lobster Pot executive chef and owner, Tim McNulty, told that he and his team are working with Emerging Franchises to expand their legendary business.

He says customers have been telling him for years that they love the Lobster Pot menu and wish they could enjoy the lobster tacos, lobster pot pie and lobster ravioli in their own home towns.

And now maybe they can.

Lobster Pot Facebook page

McNulty says his goal is to see one or two more Lobster Pot restaurants open by the end of 2018, with a couple more per year after that.

And he hopes the new restaurants will be year-round locations, unlike the seasonal Lobster Pot location on Commercial Street.

So if the trek out to Provincetown for that perfect lobster dinner is not in the cards this summer...perhaps this year the Lobster Pot will be coming to you!

No word on if all franchises with have the same classic neon sign out front, however.

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