Early this week I drove by a Girls Scout cookie stand on Main Street in Acushnet. You better believe I turned my car around to go back and purchase some boxes. Come to find out, they only accept cash!

Now I can't be the only one that doesn't carry cash with me. Usually out of circumstance I may have a few dollars on me, but not enough to purchase the amount of Girl Scout cookies it would take to satisfy my craving. I was totally bummed out. So I went on the air that afternoon and made a plea for other payment options.

Thankfully, Fun 107 has the best listeners ever and I had people texting me on our app saying that they would take other forms of payment.

Samantha and her mother Julie from Marion insisted they help me get my fix and would be willing to accept Venmo. So I jumped at the opportunity. Samantha wanted to get a visit to the Fun 107 studios to so we made sure she got some air time.

Jackson Scott/TSM
Jackson Scott/TSM

In case you were wondering, I got three boxes of the Caramel Delights and one box of the Thin Mints. You should probably also know that all the boxes are gone and I only got them on Tuesday. I may need another couple of boxes before the season is up. Either way, thank you, Samantha and Mom.

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

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