Let's be honest, 2019 wasn't exactly for the faint of heart.

It was an emotional roller coaster of a year and stress was at an all-time high. I scheduled multiple massage sessions, worked out, went for hikes, and basically did anything I could to ease my mind.

Nothing seemed to be working.

Finally, I saw on my Facebook that one of my friends was qualified as a certified practitioner in the art of something called "Reiki," which is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as:

"Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being."

I will admit that I was skeptical, to say the least, but was also open-minded towards the practice so I reached out to Chelsea Frank, a local Reiki healer out of Little Compton whose training and skillful meditation would eventually, to my surprise, calm my inner storm.

As I laid down on the bed, I was wrapped in a warm weighted blanket that instantly brought comfort. I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breathing.

Admittedly, at first, it was difficult to completely relax. I felt my body become stiff and tense and found it difficult to simply let go. Eventually, I slipped into one of those deep periods of sleep where you're also well-aware of your surroundings, and from there on out it was a wild ride.

My body started falling, but it was a slow fall and I was at peace; there was no fear whatsoever. My mind drifted into a state of confined calmness and I was locked in. I could feel my forehead become warm, as if a lukewarm facecloth was placed upon it, and a bit of pressure on my chest (yet there was nothing pushing down on it).

When my session had come to an end, I opened my eyes and felt the one thing I've been missing for quite some time: clarity. It was all I was searching for and within 45 minutes, it had returned to me.

Some people may say that it's somewhat of a gimmick, but I'm here to testify that it was an incredible experience that I can not wait to go through again. Chelsea's patience and meditative state of mind seemed to have cleansed the negativity and pain I've been carrying around for quite some time.

Like most things in life, sometimes you just have to try something new in order to get the full experience out of something. Whether it was worth it or not, I'm glad I gave it a shot and can not wait for my next Reiki session.

Highly recommended.

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