Cats are the worst. This is not a debate.

Every time I encounter "Cat Moms," or "Cat Dads," I often wonder why? Why mess with a cat. They're evil sinful creatures. They also couldn't possibly care any less about you. I feel like cats are constantly throwing shade and giving dirty looks. They act like we're their pets and not the other way around. Why would anyone want that in their life. Cats don't care about interacting with you or greeting you at the door when you get home from work. Cats would say something like "oh, you're back," in the coldest way possible.

See DOGS are a whole different story though. Dogs adore you. They want to hear how your day was despite the fact they have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Dogs want to hang out all the time. Dogs want to watch Netflix with you. Dogs won't even watch episodes without you. I can almost assure you that if cats had opposable thumbs and could work a remote they'd watch shows without you ALL THE TIME.

I just don't get it. I'm tired of these cat people telling em about their cats and how fantastic and fabulous they are. They're not. Period. The end.


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