Most of us on the SouthCoast have to travel along Interstate 195 fairly often, some of us multiple times a day.

I have to travel it at least twice a day seeing as I live in Providence. With this long stretch of highway, I have seen some things. Animals running across the road at all hours of the day and night. I have seen cars cut each other off going over a hundred miles an hour. Cars flip over medians. I figured this stretch of highway was just like any other.

Well, apparently this road that connects Providence Rhode, Island to Cape Cod has been rated the third most dangerous in the state to travel on during the summer, according to a new report from

Now I'm blaming tourists that just don't know that we here in Massachusetts make up our own rules on the road. We are aggressive drivers in this state and rarely do we use blinkers.

Now, of course, this made me curious as to what the number one and most dangerous highway was in our lovely state.

If you have to travel on 495 South, you would be on the second most dangerous in the station. What's the number one most dangerous? That would be 495 North.

They based this study off of three years of observation between the months of May and September, with the No. 1 most dangerous highway getting 18 fatalities in those months alone.

I guess 495 has an unfair disadvantage being as it's a bit longer in length than 195. I must say I'm shocked to not see Routes 140 and 24 in the top three.

The moral of the story is be careful out there. If you are like me and you travel on one of these highways on a daily basis, stay aware and stay away from looking at your phones!

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