When it comes to dogs, they're simply the best, regardless of the breed.

Last week on Michael and MaddieI posed the question: Can you tell if a dog is a boy or a girl just by looking at its face? The "undercarriage" is an obvious giveaway, but sometimes people can tell just by facial features.

I got the idea from my friend Britnee Audette of Dartmouth after she took to her TikTok and asked the same question, which instantly blew my mind. That's when I knew I had to make a fun game out of it and gathered photos of over 20 dogs of various breeds. Some are male and some are female.

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Guess the dogs' genders from the photos their owners submitted to Fun 107. Take your best shot and see how well you do. The answers are under each picture, so scroll carefully.

If you guessed:

  • More than 30 correct = Master Dog Whisperer
  • Between 20-25 correct = Seasoned Dog Whisperer
  • Between 10-15 correct = Amateur Dog Whisperer
  • Less than 10 correct = Beginner Dog Whisperer

Best of luck!

35 SouthCoast Dogs: Can You Guess the Gender Just by Looking at Their Faces?

Scroll through this list and try your best to guess if the dog is a boy or a girl based on just its face. Good luck!

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