Dr. Eliesel Lacerda De La Cruz has been our chief COVID-19 correspondent throughout the coronavirus crisis. Dr. Lacerda De La Cruz is the infectious disease expert at Southcoast Health and is the chairman of infectious disease prevention. He joins us each Monday at 7:45 a.m. on The Rock and Fox Show.

This morning, we asked Dr. Lacerda De La Cruz about Mother's Day, which is coming up this Sunday. Is it possible for people to safely spend time with their moms on Mother's Day, particularly for people who don't often get to see their mothers?

I shared my plan with the doctor. I was (hopefully) planning on taking a ride up to my parents' house on Sunday and sitting outdoors for the holiday. I was thinking I could sit on the lawn while my mother and father relaxed on the front porch. Would that be a safe plan? The doctor replied, "To me, that sounds like a good idea." I was so relieved to hear that!

While we've FaceTimed a lot, I haven't seen my parents in months. I know it has been gnawing at my mom, and it's also been bothering me. I would hate to not be able to see her on Mother's Day.

"One has to be careful, as some mothers are older and are compromised, so those mothers you want to make absolutely sure that you don't expose them to people that may be carrying the virus," said Dr. Lacerda De La Cruz. "But, keeping your distance outdoors and getting some time together even though it's 10 feet away, I think it's a good idea and it will uplift the spirit of everybody, of the moms and their kids."

He did quickly follow up that as hard as it may be, if you are using this idea to visit your mom, you'll need to hold back on any hugs.

"Wait until next Mother's Day and give her an even bigger hug!" said Dr. Lacerda De La Cruz.

Listen to the full interview here:

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