Family comes in all shapes and sizes these days and it's not always marriage before the baby carriage. So when you do finally tie the knot, how can you make your kids a part of your big day?

Whether you have a toddler, a teenager or an adult son or daughter there are plenty of ways to make all the loves of your life a part of your wedding.

  • Ring Bearers - Young kids always look cute carrying tiny pillows with rings on them. You can't go wrong with an adorable toddler ring bearer if you wants a few "aws" on your wedding day.
  • Flower Girls - Equally cute are the little girls tossing petals as they go down the aisle. Just make sure you don't get a shy kid who throws out clumps of flowers and then runs down the rest of the aisle (like my niece at my wedding!)
  • Jr. Bridesmaids - If you have an older daughter (pre-teen or teenager), they may be past the flower girl stage. You may not be ready to throw them in with the rest of your bridesmaids, so junior bridesmaid is an option. You can find a more modest version of your bridesmaid's dress for the younger members of the bridal party.
  • Ushers - Since groomsmen are usually wearing suits or tuxes, there really is no way to make that more modest for junior members of the group. But if you have teenage sons you're going to have join in the big day, usher is a good role to play. They can help everyone to their seats and meet family and friends they may not otherwise know.
  • Escorts - Another great role for older sons and daughters is to have them walk you down the aisle. Especially if your parents aren't able to be part of your big day. Who better to "give you away" than your kids. It's a really nice way to show everyone is attendance that your kids approve of your marriage and are ready to become one big family.


There are plenty of ways to make your kids of any age a part of your big day. So whether its your first marriage or not, your big day should be fun and memorable for all. And making your kids a part of the plans can come in many different ways!

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