Mr. Newcomer, a teacher at GNBRVT, and his wife have struggled with home renovations needed to accommodate Mr. Newcomer's and their daughter's physical needs. 

If you've ever been a student or a parent of a student at GNBR Voc-Tech, you may have seen Mr. Newcomer (who teaches English) riding around the school on his Segway. He uses the Segway to get around as he has several physical disabilities after being involved in a motorcycle accident when he was just 16. In the past year, he's also had a series of surgeries to help manage his pain and increase some of his mobility. Unfortunately, due to complications from the surgeries, Mr. Newcomer continues to be in a lot of pain (though you would never know it based on his attitude and wonderful personality) and has a hard time navigating their home without his Segway.

Mrs. Newcomer works two jobs while also attempting to finish the construction that was started on their home earlier in the year by a contractor that has since disappeared. The Newcomers have lived in the same home in Westport for years but due to the needs of their 14-year-old daughter and Mr. Newcomer, they desperately needed to expand their kitchen and re-do their bathrooms to make them handicap accessible.

The Newcomer's 14-year-old daughter has suffered from a debilitating seizure disorder since she was 18-months-old. She has a rare genetic condition that not only caused her to have upwards of 100 or more seizures per day but also disables her in other ways that require daily hands-on care by in-home aides. Since starting a CBD oil as part of her treatment plan from her doctor's in Boston, her seizure activity has decreased immensely but she still faces other challenges.

The Newcomers have been urged to put their daughter in a facility where she could get round the clock care, but because they both want desperately to keep their family together, the Newcomers are hoping to update their home to accommodate her needs as well as Mr. Newcomer's. They also have a son in the military and another teenage daughter who is in high school, and they both work tirelessly in the community to help other families in need and are absolutely amazing individuals.

The Newcomers were nominated by multiple people for our Holiday Wish program and it's not surprising - we got to meet them and could see just how deserving they are of some help this holiday season.

We couldn't think of a better family to ask for some help, while also honoring how proud they are. You couldn't ask for a better family than this.



If you would like to make a donation to the Newcomers, you can do so by texting “wishes” to 31313 and pledging a donation amount of your choosing. Or by calling 508-994-1071.

All of our families are pre-selected through the United Way of Greater New Bedford. If you are in need of assistance, please contact the United Way directly.