My wife and I went toe-to-toe on Facebook live, and it was amazing.

Whenever she sends me to Market Basket, all I ask for is an explicit list of what I need to buy. If there are specific flavors or brands that are needed, I go above and beyond to accommodate. Trust me, when I get sent with the list, I do everything I can to make sure I come home with the requested item. I'll ask for help. I get it done.

That's why it was so frustrating for me yesterday when she asked where the juice boxes were from Market Basket.

"They weren't on the list," I flatly told her.  "If they were on the list--they'd be here." But she wouldn't back down. I caught her mumbling under her breath that they WERE, in fact, on the list.

Now, this is the exact reason why I never throw away my grocery lists until I get home and the inventory passes muster. Neither of us backed down about the grape juice boxes. One thing led to another, and the next thing I know, my wife is elbow deep in the trash, sifting through garbage to try to find the list.

I whipped out my phone and went Facebook live. The video above shows how it all turned out.

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