Whether or not you have kids heading off to school this fall, you've probably heard just how much stuff they actually need to be prepared for the school year.

Michael Rock (whose wife is a teacher!) said that getting both his children ready with the back-to-school checklist costs them just about $200...per kid. Knowing how costly, but so necessary, those back-to-school lists can be made us want to get involved. We, along with our sponsors and partners, want to ensure that every child on the SouthCoast starts the year with everything they need to succeed and without the added stress of having to worry they didn't get their items before the first day of school. We are hosting the Drive to Supply Our Schools at the Wareham and Walmart stores on August 18 where you can drop off any number of back-to-school items.

We know that most of you will already be shopping for your own little ones but we wanted to show just how easy it is to spend an extra $5 or $10 and get a few more supplies that can go to a child that otherwise would start the year without it. Not only does this benefit students right here on the SouthCoast (maybe even some in your children's classes), it also helps their teachers who sometimes use their own money to buy extra supplies.

Maybe make it a fun lesson in helping your friends or community by having your child take $5 out of their piggy bank to pick out some school supplies for someone else. It's a fantastic way to get the whole family involved in a problem that hits very close to home.

Any donations can be dropped off at the Wareham or Dartmouth Walmarts on August 18 from 10-12.

The Drive to Supply Our Schools collection is made possible thanks to our generous sponsors Kia of Dartmouth, Care Free Homes, Southcoast Health, Cindy Irving Photography and Get Air Swansea. Special thanks to the United Way of Greater New Bedford for getting the supplies into the classrooms who need it most through Greater New Bedford and Wareham.


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