Last October a baby pig was left behind in Boston by visitors from northern New England. Now she is looking for her forever home.

Meet Claredon, the presumed to be a 6-month-old female Duroc cross pig who needs a place to call home. She is currently at Animal Rescue League of Boston's Dedham branch but doesn't want to stay there much longer.

It's hard to believe someone would bring a baby pig across state lines and then just leave her there, but that seems to be Claredon's story.

According to the Animal Rescue League, Claredon was brought to Massachusetts illegally and was likely bred for consumption. The league wants to place her in a safe environment and ensure that she will not be eaten.

How could you want to eat this sweet face anyway?

Caretakers describe Claredon as "a very friendly, affectionate pig who will come galloping over to greet guests" and add that "in spite of her size she is very gentle and sweet."

Her size is likely to be the biggest deterrent to being adopted. Right now Claredon weighs in at 129 pounds and is expected to be nearly 300 pounds when she is fully grown. Her forever home will have to accommodate an animal of her size.

But if you have the space, Claredon has a lot of love to give.

She is very healthy, has been spayed and has received all pig-appropriate tests and vaccinations, including a rabies vaccine.

She also has "learned how to dig the perfect mud wallow," according to her PetFinder description, so be sure you're ready for that in your backyard.

Most SouthCoast communities are right-to-farm and pigs aren't on the Massachusetts' illegal pet list, so perhaps this bristly new buddy could be the perfect addition to your family.

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