The graveside Christmas tree that was stolen from the burial site of Noah Fernandes has been replaced.

The Fernandes family was heartbroken Sunday as they visited their son's grave at Pine Grove Cemetery in New Bedford's North End to find that a Christmas tree, adorned with symbolic ornaments, had been stolen.

The family recieved an outpouring of support on social media, and local DJ and singer Jordan Paiva felt moved to replace the tree after seeing Noah's mother's grief-stricken pleas on Facebook. "The second I saw Christine post the picture of a missing Christmas tree from her son that was designed by so many people with love, and then somebody took it away, it broke my heart. It really did. My heart just dropped when I saw that," said Paiva in a Facebook Live video that was streamed from Noah's grave.

In the video, Paiva addressed Christine Fernandes directly. "Your son is such a blessing on our lives and he's loved by so many people. And even though he's not with us today, he deserves to have a Christmas."

Paiva is asking family and friends of the Fernandes' to visit Noah's grave and fill the tree with new ornaments.

Noah was 14-years-old when he passed away earlier this year from complications due to Mitochondrial disease. Residents from across the Southcoast had rallied around him during his life to raise money and awareness.

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