Holiday Wish 2022 has been filled with incredibly touching moments as Michael and Maddie and United Way of Greater New Bedford continue to help local families that have had a rough year. The community has rallied around these families, providing hope to people who need it most.

For our fourth family of the week, we head to New Bedford where the Harringtons are looking to rebuild after a devastating house fire.

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The Harrington's Story

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Hannah Harrington and her family woke up in their first-floor apartment to the smell of smoke. With no sign of fire in sight, she ran up to the second floor to alert her 94-year-old neighbor.

After doing a quick evaluation of the building, Hannah's husband, Justin, noticed a large amount of smoke in the third-floor apartment. The Harringtons, along with their two children, their cats and their elderly neighbor, quickly evacuated the building as it went up in flames.

The Harringtons lost virtually everything they own, mainly due to the water damage caused by firefighters extinguishing the flames in the apartment above.

While they are grateful to be alive and unharmed, the Harringtons feel hopeless, with no home, no furniture and no clothes.

How to Help

Hannah and Justin have two children, 2-year-old Michael and 7-month-old Vivian. With the holidays coming up, Mom and Dad are stressed and worried.

"Every child deserves a Christmas and I can't provide that for my children right now and that is the biggest thing that is breaking my heart," Hannah said.

Christmas gifts would help this family tremendously. Michael loves Spider-Man and Vivian could use baby clothes, sizes 6 to 9 months, and diapers, size 3 and up.

Text to Donate to Holiday Wish

Text WISHES22 to 26989. You will be sent a United Way e-link that allows you to make a donation via credit card to this family when you select the day and date of which family you wish to help from the drop-down menu.

Donate By Check to Holiday Wish

Make checks payable to United Way of Greater New Bedford and in the memo line, write HOLIDAY WISH and the day and date of the family you wish to help. Checks can be mailed to United Way of Greater New Bedford, 128 Union St., Suite 105, New Bedford, MA, 02740.

Donate by Credit Card to Holiday Wish

You can make a secure donation to the United Way via credit card here. Select the day and date of the family you wish to help from the "Please Select a Family" drop-down menu.

All of our families are pre-selected through United Way of Greater New Bedford. If you are in need of assistance, please contact United Way directly.

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