Multiple Cape Cod residents and Page Six say that Ben Affleck was at the famous Wellfleet Flea Market this week and had his three kids with him, along with his mom, Christine. He was seen shopping and taking selfies with fans. Wow, I guess he must have been in a friendly mood.

I know that way back in the day, Ben's mom had a summer home in Onset. I know this because I grew up pretty close to Buzzards Bay and Wareham and used to go to the same arcade that Ben would be at with his little brother Casey during the summers. I read an article several years ago and he talked about this place (the arcade) and remembered that I used to go to the same one. It was on Cranberry Highway in Buzzards Bay across from a hot dog/ice cream stand. Imagine if we were ever there at the same time? How crazy would that have been?

News just broke recently that Ben will no longer be playing Batman, as he had for the past few years. He doesn't seem too upset about it, probably because he has something in the works with his BFF Matt Damon. They have just about confirmed they will be working on a movie about the McDonald's Monopoly scandal.

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