All of this amazing weather we are having has not only brought people out and about, it has brought the impressive vintage vehicles out with them.

It seems like every time I am out driving these days I see some sort of car or truck that makes me wish I had my own cruising car.

The huge Cadillac convertibles, sweet sports cars, I even saw a 1930s roadster on the highway.

And I love all of it.

Something about the sunshine and cooler temperatures clearly makes for perfect driving weather. Or maybe it's because the summer traffic is gone and the roads are a little quieter during the day.

Whatever the actual reasons for all these cars to be on the road, I welcome it.

It's like a fun game while driving with the kids. Who can find the coolest car?

If I ever get lucky enough to win a huge amount of lottery money I would for sure buy myself a classic car (or two). I wouldn't go all Jay Leno with it or anything, but a nice cruising vehicle for these sunny fall days would be great.

Maybe it's because my father used to buy classic cars that my love of these older autos is what it is.

I can remember warm sunny days driving around in his massive yellow Cadillac convertible we used to call "the banana" as kids.

Not sure I'd go Cadillac myself if I bought one, something more big and bubbly would be my style.

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Kerry Marshall/Getty Images

Have you seen any sweet rides on your commute recently?

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