ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' has taken most of us on an epic journey through New England, and it included most of your favorite fairy tale characters. Now, the creators are taking another approach to tell the story of Alice, and her return from Wonderland

Judging from the trailer, this show is going to be pretty awesome! 'Once Upon a Time' has quickly become a fan favorite television show, and was renewed by ABC. The Network has even now expended the 'Once Upon a Time' universe to explore Wonderland.

We first saw Wonderland when the Evil Queen/Regina too the 'Mad Hatter' there to get her father back. Now, it looks like we'll get a more in depth look. It seems to take place after Alice has returned, and she is now an adult.

The series stars Sophie Lowe as Alice, and Michael Socha ('Being Human' UK version) as the Knave of Hearts. The series will kick off in 2014. So get ready to take a trip to Wonderland!


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