Of all the titles I've obtained over my life, this might the one for which I am somewhat both proud and ashamed of myself.

Fun 107's Restaurant Week 2020 kicked off this morning at Rose Alley Alehouse where I was given the opportunity to get my name on the Wall of Fame plaque that sits proudly on the bar wall near the entrance.

First of all, let me be clear that my days of eating fried foods and spicy chicken are in the past, but when told that I would be granted a spot on the trophy list if I finished just one single hot wing, there was no way I was passing that opportunity up.

Some of the greatest eaters of New Bedford had made the list – such as the man, the myth, the legend, Nick "Diesel" Dompierre – and although I was only eating one to his completed 20, I also had a hotter wing at stake.

One of Rose Alley's chefs, Devan, got his hands on a bottle of "The Last Dab" hot sauce that he obtained from the YouTube show Hot Ones.

Maddie/Townsquare Media
Maddie Levine/Townsquare Media

He cooked up the suicide wings and added the ridiculously spicy "dab" sauce to the mixture and brought them to my table. It was time to take on the challenge and we caught it live on Fun 107's Instagram earlier today:

Well, folks, there you have it – yet another dumb accomplishment to add to my credentials.

Admittedly, the spice wasn't as bad as I anticipated and the flavor was incredible. I guess you can say it was a win-win situation when you break it down: eat a spicy wing and get my name on the wall for the small price of a tummy ache.

I wouldn't recommend it, so brace yourself if you're looking to check out their suicide wing challenge that's returning to Rose Alley once again for the strong-hearted who have stomachs of steel.

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