Starbucks locations everywhere are handing out a well deserved free tall hot or iced coffee to any first responder who wants one. 

So because I am a coffee lover in general, I love a good cup of Joe from anywhere that serves it. But it's got to be good coffee, like Dunkin' or Starbucks. I have to say, I wasn't surprised to find out what Starbucks is doing for all of our front line workers right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are treating them to a great cup of coffee for FREE now through May 3. So this means police officers, firefighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors, hospital workers and staff, too, can stop into the local SouthCoast Starbucks drive-thru and grab their tall coffee.

Starbucks says: “We decided to bring a little something to people serving our community – people who are experiencing even more uncertainty and unease than we are right now,” Hansen said. “We may have to get creative, but there’s always something small we can do to make a difference – to uplift the days of people who are going through a really hard time.”

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