FREETOWN — John Mello is going to keep checking Facebook until the cows come home.


A thread on the “Freetowners” Facebook group has been quite active since Sunday, after three of Mello’s black cows went missing from his Beech Bluff Road home.

He posted a photo of the cows, hoping to milk more information on their whereabouts from his friends and neighbors.

Those in the area were keeping their eyes peeled for the breakout bovines throughout Sunday evening and Monday, after the cows had been spotted in the road in the area of Beech Bluff Road and Middleboro Road.

Missing Cows 1
Missing Cows 2

Mello almost caught them Monday morning, but they hoofed it into a swamp area. They were then spotted again later in the day, prompting Mello to post, “They are the smartest cows I have ever seen.”

Missing Cows 3
Missing Cows 4

Finally on Monday afternoon, one of the cows was caught and returned.

However, two of the cows still remain on the mooooove.

Missing Cows 5




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