A Freetown Firefighter is out of a job after posting some racially inflammatory comments on Facebook.

Fire Chief Gary Silvia tells WBSM News the posts on Kyle Grenier's Facebook page referenced the large house party that took place in Assonet last week.

His comments including remarks about Blacks and him saying that if he was called to the residence again he would make sure he couldn't find the hydrant.

"It's not only that they were racially sensitive they were also in regards to conduct of a firefighter and when he was saying that he would not put water on a fire and that kind of stuff," said Silvia "and that's really what alerted me."

Silvia said that while he found the racial remarks inappropriate, what really upset him were his comments that he wouldn't follow through on his duties a firefighter.

"The fact that a firefighter, who number one should be held to a higher standard anyway, would say that he would not put water on a fire, or allow something to burn, is not going to be tolerated by me," said Silvia.

Silvia says he spoke previously with the 25-year-old Grenier about earlier comments on Facebook relating to fireworks.

"He's young and I think alot of time young folks, when they're on Twitter and Facebook, they kind of lose track of what they're doing and they just typing things out," said Silvia "and they don't realize it goes out in cyberspace, and everyone gets it."

When speaking with WBSM News on Thursday night Silvia said he planned to have a conversation with Grenier before he begins termination proceedings.

He did add that Grenier has expressed regret for his actions.