Forgot the sunscreen? Not a problem at these local parks & beaches.

Last week Rhode Island became the first state to offer free sunscreen at all state beaches and parks. But Massachusetts seems to be close behind them.


Both states have these sunscreens dispensers at tons of parks and beaches and if you ask me it is bound to be a lifesaver for parents.

If there is one thing for certain when I leave the house with the kids, it's that I'm going to forget something. And it would be so like me to forget sunscreen for a day at the beach.

Luckily Massachusetts and Rhode Island DEMs have my back...and arms...and legs (get it?).

And the "SPF is your BFF" slogan is just delightful

The sunscreen is SPF 30 and all natural and should be stocked through the entire summer. Because you probably won't just forget sunblock once.

It's also nice to know a last minute "after-work beach day" doesn't have to mean a stop at home first.

It is literally at every Rhode Island state park and beach and has been popping up at SouthCoast hot spots too.


Now if they could just make sunglasses dispensers I'd be golden.


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