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PBS' "Maritime Mysteries" is going to feature Fort Taber-Fort Rodman in New Bedford this week. If you've ever thought the Fort might be haunted, Paranormal expert Jeff Belanger wants to show you you're right!

Belanger says it's actually the Battery Milliken inside Fort Rodman that is the creepiest place on the New Bedford historical site. He really got to explore the space for the show's taping, getting places the regular public doesn't typically get to see. Places he says he's convinced are haunted!

The documentary is going to air this Wednesday October 29th at 8pm.

And in addition to the Fort Taber-Fort Rodman exploration, Belanger will share some other local creepy experiences at the Rose Island Lighthouse off the coast of Newport, R.I., and a stone tower in Newport with a mysterious past that he said some believe is linked to the Knights Templar Freemasons.

Sounds like perfect viewing for Halloween week, with plenty of time to check out the local haunted spots yourself on the big night! If you're brave enough that is.