Fun 107 and the Friends of Jack and thrilled to announce the first Food for Tots without restrictions since September of 2019. It's absolutely incredible to think how it's been nearly two years since we've been able to conduct a Food for Tots night without taking COVID-19 restrictions into consideration for the restaurants.

The foundation has also been sensitive to the struggles that our restaurant partners have had (and still have) with respect to COVID. From the limits on capacity to the severe labor shortage that is still happening, these restaurants are still committed to helping the Friends of Jack Foundation help our children here on the SouthCoast.

The Friends of Jack Foundation provides and supports overlooked programs that enhance the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of children across the SouthCoast.

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Here is a list of participating restaurants for this month's Food for Tots.

  • Riccardi's in Fairhaven
  • Cask & Pig in Dartmouth
  • Frontera Grill in Fairhaven
  • Tropical Smoothie Café in Fairhaven
  • Little Village Café in Fairhaven
  • Flour Girls in Fairhaven

If you'd like to help the Friends of Jack Foundation, simply eat and drink at any of these restaurants at any time of day on Thursday. Each of these restaurants have agreed to graciously donate 15 percent of Thursday's sales to the Friends of Jack Foundation.

You don't have to show anything, do anything, or say anything to help. Just show up, eat, and pay your bill normally, and the restaurants will automatically donate 15 percent of what you paid. Food for Tots includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday.

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