Normally, April means the launch of our Food For Tots program with the Friends of Jack Foundation. For obvious reasons, however, we aren't able to encourage Fun 107 listeners to visit local restaurants to go out to dinner.

It's just not possible. Our local restaurants are fighting for their lives. We just aren't able to ask them to make a donation to Food For Tots right now. They need us.

Instead, we revamped the program to help healthcare workers that are on the front lines of one of the most powerful threats we have seen in our lifetime. We've heard stories of doctors and nurses working 12, 13, and 14 hours shifts without making time for themselves to stop and eat lunch. We need to make sure that they do. These healthcare workers are among the most likely to come into contact with COVID-19, and if they aren't adequately rested and nourished, their chances of contracting the virus grow.

We need as many healthcare workers healthy and ready to go as possible.

With your help, Fun 107 and the Friends of Jack Foundation have been able to feed these healthcare workers. Your donations on have helped pay for the lunches that were served to the staff today at Greater New Bedford Health Center and Saint Anne's Hospital.

Thanks to the generosity of Uncle Jon's in Marion, Kate's Simple Eats in Marion, and On The Go in Mattapoisett, there was so much delicious food delivered that there was even some available to feed the patients in the Greater New Bedford Health Center waiting room and at the New Bedford Police Station.

If you or your company would like to help feed doctors and nurses during this pandemic, please make a donation at

Uncle Jon's
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