Love to go out in Boston, but hate the day after hangover? We've all been there, but now relief can be minutes away.

A company called the I.V. Doc is coming to Beantown and bringing relief from common colds and hangovers with them.

The concept is pretty simple, but kind of pricey.

For $269 you can get hooked up to an IV that will have you feeling better in 30 minutes.

Their most popular IV is the "Revive" providing users with a hangover remedy that is pumped directly into the bloodstream to help re-hydrate the body in a matter of minutes.

Co-founder and CEO of The I.V. Doc, Dr. Adam Nadelson, told CBS Boston that the IVs they provide are used for both colds and hangovers, but are not considered "cures."

And Dr. Mark DeMatteo who works in the emergency department at Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth, adds

The only way to really eliminate the symptoms of a hangover is to not to get one,”

But if you do get one after a night out with friends, I guess it's nice to know that fast relief is out there. But would really pay $269 for it?

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