As a woman in my mid-thirties without any kids, I can't imagine having a dozen of them. But for the Schwandt family in western Michigan, lucky number 13 is on the way!

Jay and Kateri Schwandt have 12 kids already...all boys! And they want to wait and see what baby number 13 will be.

You'd think Kateri would want a little girl at this point, but she actually says

A little girl would be neat to have in the house, but a little boy kind of takes the pressure off. We know what we are doing. Why change things up?"

The Schwandt's are devout Roman Catholics and don't believe in using birth control. Kateri comes from a family of 14 kids and says she's spent half of her life pregnant and she loves it.

So could you have that many kids? Is 13 too many? What would your maximum number of children be?

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