If there's one thing that UPS is good at besides delivering packages, it's breaking the internet with cuteness overload.

There's a Facebook group called UPS Dogs that focuses on animal-loving delivery men and women. It's one of the deepest rabbit holes to fall down if you're an animal lover, so be cautious before you dive into this group. It's enough to make you want to a) adopt an animal��or b) want to work for UPS.

I came across one person in particular who was spotlighted on the page who just so happens to be from Westport. Robert Alejo is 27 years old and works out of the Dartmouth UPS branch where he's been stationed for the past four years and runs a Fall River route where his run-in with a baby squirrel has taken social media by storm.

But it wasn't about the baby squirrel like you'd expect, but rather about the man himself. The comments under the photo in the Facebook group are loaded with veiled and not-so-veiled remarks about Alejo's good looks.

"Oh, there's a squirrel in the pic too..."

"Adorable...and the squirrel too..."

"Hmmmm nothing like a gentle touch, lucky squirrel."

"I'm a little concerned for his safety holding that dangerous animal, come to Washington to be checked out!"

"Not gonna lie...I blew this one up, and I wasn't looking at the squirrel!

"Oh, there's a squirrel? I was too focused on those eyes & that smile!!"

First off, allow me to let you ladies down gently by saying that Alejo is a married man who is loyal to his wife and family. In other words, sorry folks, he's taken.

"I grew up in Fall River and went to Durfee High School," Alejo said. "I got married and moved to Westport where my wife is from, raising two little children and making the best of it, working every day and looking forward to vacation."

During one of Alejo's deliveries in Fall River, he noticed something out of the ordinary from the cab of his truck.

"I'm working and as I'm driving, I see this baby squirrel on the side of the street and had to help it out," Alejo said. "I noticed it was dehydrated and gave it some blueberries that I had from lunch and some water."

The squirrel may have been dehydrated, but it was all the commenters under the photo on Facebook who came off as thirsty.

Out of common courtesy, Alejo alerted Animal Control just to let them know of the situation so they were at least aware of the state of the baby squirrel.

"I ended up putting it in a nice safe spot, knowing that the mother was most likely nearby," Alejo said. "That's when I took a photo with it and I sent it to my wife."

Alejo's wife ended up submitting it to the Facebook page and it was posted, much to Alejo's surprise.

"I didn't think it would blow up the way it did," Alejo laughed. "It's been crazy."

Finally, I had to ask him what his thoughts were on all the women swooning over his "handsome looks" and "dreamy eyes" in hopes that his wife wouldn't be too upset about the situation.

"What can I say, I truly appreciate the comments," Alejo said modestly. "My wife sends me texts with some of the kind words people have been saying (about his looks) and I'm just honored and humbled. I love my wife and kids and thank God for the blessings He has given me. What can I say? I love my wife."

So, there you go, a little background on the guy with nice eyes and a pure love for animals.

So back off, ladies.

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