Several Fall River students fell ill at the junior prom last weekend after reportedly ingesting marijuana laced brownies and plant seeds.

Police and ambulances were called to Rachel's Lakeside in Dartmouth on April 29th after several students began vomiting and having hallucinations at the Durfee High School junior prom.

According to NBC 10, Durfee principal Maria Pontes alerted parents to the incident in a letter on Wednesday night.

Her letter told parents that staff members observed students "who appeared to be under the influence of a substance" at the prom.

About 6-8 students had symptoms of being sick and some of them admitted to eating brownies laced with marijuana as well as to eating plant seeds.

The students were removed from the prom and their parents were contacted by school officials. They were all evaluated and given medical care.

The incident is under investigation, though none of the students were arrested or taken into custody.

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