Fall River's RMV is relocating. Find out where the new location will be.

It's everybody's favorite place...the Registry of Motor Vehicles! And soon the one in Fall River will have a new place to call home.

The Herald is reporting that the RMV in the Pleasant St mill is going to be moving to the Sagamore Mill Complex in the North End.

Michelle Pelletier, principle owner of Jefferson Realty LLC that operates the historic granite mill told the paper,

Things are moving forward … we’re in the final stages of the planning.”

And though the state Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance has been advertising for a new space for weeks now and did say they've found a location and were working towards signing a lease contract, they didn't name the Sagamore Mill Complex straight out.

Employees have been given the beginning of next year as a relocation time frame.

Still Pelletier had plenty to say to the Herald, noting the building's size and ample parking as well as it's accessibility, being one-quarter to one-half mile from exits/entrances to Route 79/24 that lead to Interstate 195 and the two bridges between Fall River and Somerset.

Employees have also been told of the move, reportedly being given the beginning of next year as a relocation time frame.

MassDOT also semi-confirmed the news saying,

The RMV has enjoyed its current location in Fall River for many years. Our current lease reached the end of its existing term and the landlord advised that no further extensions would be granted because there are other potential plans for the existing branch space.”

So if you are getting a new car or renewing your license in 2016 and beyond, look to head to the Sagamore Mill Complex for all things RMV by then.