With all the great cuisine we have on the SouthCoast, it's interesting that the thing people in Fall River feel the most passionate about and connected to is the chow mein sandwich.

I remember eating chow mein out of a box when I was younger. Apparently, the chow mein sandwich is something only us along the SouthCoast know and eat.

CNN will be coming to Mee Sum Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Fall River on Tuesday. The sandwich has apparently caught the attention of a CNN contributor that's curious about the history that surrounds this simple inexpensive delicacy, according to a report from The Herald News.

When I mentioned this to some of the people around the Fun107 building, lots gave me the response of "yuck."

I love me some chow mein sandwiches. Although, for some, chow mein sandwiches are a messy meat sandwich that doesn't include any fried noodles.

Growing up, we sometimes had to grab a few boxes of chow mein and have that for dinner a few nights out of the week. It was, and still is, super cheap and easy to make.

Is it bad that I'm totally craving one right now?

It's about time the chow mein sandwich got the recognition it deserves, and extra special that it will feature a Fall River restaurant that has been bringing it to us for over 50 years.

What's even more awesome about this is that the owners of Mee Sum, Regina and Kenneth Mark, decided to make this into a celebration, where they'll raise money for a good cause.
They will be selling the chow mein sandwich–both regular and strained–for just $5.25 a plate. They will limit it to 1,000 sandwiches, which will equal $5,000 after taxes and will be donated to the St. Anne's Church Preservation Society.

Definitely a good excuse for me to get my chow mein fix. It's been years! Ok, let me get the drool off my mouth now.

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