Have you ever finished an entire Awful Awful from Newport Creamery? Do you think you could actually drink three in one sitting?

Children growing up on the SouthCoast told tales of the Awful Awful Challenge, and nearly everyone had a gross-out story of someone who had taken on the challenge and failed in spectacular fashion. Some only involved the challenge-taker getting sick all over themselves; others went full-out Davey Hogan (look it up, kids).

The challenge is simple: drink three regular-sized Awful Awful frappes – each one is about 24 ounces of ice cream goodness – in one sitting. If you complete the challenge, you get a reward.

That reward? A fourth Awful Awful for free. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to drink it right then and there.

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According to the website FoodChallenges.com, it’s about 4.5 pounds of shake that you’re taking on with this challenge. The Newport Creamery website says the Awful Awful runs $5.69, so three of them will run you $17.07 without tax.

You can also choose from vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, mint, cotton candy, orange, bubble gum, chocolate mint and mocha. Personally, I’d stay away from the cotton candy or the bubble gum, but you do you, Fearless Frappe Fan.

It can be done, so long as you’re not lactose intolerant.

The Awful Awful Challenge had gone away for a while, but we confirmed with the Fall River Newport Creamery that it is still something you can take on at their location, and other locations seem to still offer it up as well.

New Bedford’s last Newport Creamery location, on King’s Highway, closed quite some time ago, and the Kempton Street location had closed well before that, way back in 2001. There were also locations in Dartmouth as well as other spots around the SouthCoast.

As pointed out by Red Cow Entertainment’s Jon Hunt in their YouTube video on the King’s Highway location, the chain once boasted 33 locations but now has just 10.

Have you ever successfully completed the Awful Awful Challenge? Let us know on our Facebook page or shoot us a message on our app.

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