A Fall River church was the target of a vandal last week.

Someone walked into Good Shepherd Parish,1598 South Main St., in broad daylight and apparently smashed a statue of the baby Jesus and poured bleach over a statue of the Blessed Mother. The next day, Fall River Police released surveillance images of a suspect.

Shortly after the discovery, state Rep. Alan Silvia called the vandalism "evil" and said this was "a truly sad moment for the church."

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Regardless of our religious beliefs, we really need to ask why someone would feel the need to destroy this way.

While many are justifiably angry, seeing this story play out also made me wonder, "Is this person OK?"

I imagine it takes someone with a lot of hate in their heart to want to do something like this. We all can have our own beliefs, but to intrude on someone else's with such disregard suggests deeper issues at play.
Of course, we don't know for certain what the alleged perpetrator's motivations were.
For me, though, the takeaway is that mental health is so important.
Your mental health is so important.
If you're a Fun 107 listener, you may have heard me talking about how online therapy has helped me so much.
Hopefully, police find the person responsible for this act so he can be brought to justice. Hopefully, that person gets help if he needs it.

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